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Welcome message from the Director General of the National Television of Cambodia (TVK)

Chum Reap Sour

Greetings from Phnom Penh!

It is a great honor that TVK will be the host ABU Robocon 2023 next year.

TVK under Ministry of Information, along with the support of the Government of Cambodia, finds great pleasure in hosting you all to the 2023 Robocon competition. We have already begun preparations to ensure all our participants and guests have a pleasant and enjoyable time whilst in Phnom Penh. 

We have chosen the capital of Phnom Penh – Indoor Sport Center of Morodok Techo national stadium, a new stadium as the venue for our events. The Phnom Penh capital has a rich history budding with colorful people, stories, infrastructures and development.


“Casting Flowers over Angkor Wat” is the theme of ABU Robocon 2023. The idea behind our theme came from the tremendous love of the well-known Khmer traditional dance; Robam Junpor and traditional game of Bos Lo, throw a coin into the lot, that our country has. However, the game play is look like the “ring toss game” as we use the ring represent the coin while throwing the ring represent casting flowers.

We have prepared a Game Introduction Video, rulebook and game field’s figure to better explain the theme and the rules for next year’s Robocon. You can find them in our official website (

We may be used to seeing humans play, but we are yet to witness Robots do the same.

So prepare yourselves to be challenged, excited and inspired!


We thoroughly look forward to hosting a very good hospitality for all the teams to the ABU Robocon 2023 face to face in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, next year!

Som Or Kun & Chun Reap Lear


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National Television of Cambodia (TVK) was established in 1966, the first born of the “Community of the Common People” or the Sangkum Reastr Niyum era. Samdach Ov was a black and white television called the “Royal Television of Cambodia” with approximately 30 staff members, and the broadcast was only visible around Phnom Penh City.and it has been the only state television in Cambodia since the country gained independence on 9 November 1953.

In 1970, after coup detat overthrown by Lon Nol, The Royal Television of Cambodia name was changed to “Khmer Republic Television” with approximately 30 staff members, broadcasted mostly Entertainment program.


In 1975, after the victory of the Democratic ​Kampuchea, all infrastructure was destroyed and many people were killed.

In 1979, on January 7th, the Great Victory Day, the Cambodian People's Revolutionary Government established the Cambodian People's Voice Radio, which also had a television station broadcasting programs from the Vietnamese TV station 3 days per week as a black a white TV, broadcasted for 3-4 hours / day, and located on the Building Gray.


On December 3rd, 1983, the Cambodian People's Revolutionary Government established the Cambodia Television Unit, separated from the Cambodian People's Voice Radio​ with three departments (Technical, News, TV Program and another office act as executive body unit​) by broadcasted transmitter 1 kw, 5 days per week.


During 1985, the nation changed its name from the People’s Republic of Cambodia to the state of Cambodia. However, the government TV station’s name remained the same by broadcast 7 days per week from afternoon to evening until the turn of the socio-political in 1993. After The Paris Peace Agreement 23rd October 1993, Cambodia Television had only 110 staffs include militias.

In June 1993, Cambodia held the elections organized by UNTAC. Cambodia decided to established a new regime “A Constitutional Monarchy” and the Kingdom of Cambodia has re-established on September 24​th,1993. Cambodia Television has renamed to the National Television of Cambodia (TVK) as a state television station administered by the Ministry of Information in accordance with Sub-Degree No.70 as a basis for the implementation of broadcasting duties.

From 2003 to 2009, TVK had 321 staffs, divided into 257 staffs at the central level and 44 staffs at the provincial level.​ In 2005, TVK was transformed into the General Department of National Television of Cambodia, with four departments and one administration office, as well as seven provincial office: Battambang, Pursat, Sihanoukville, Mondulkiri, Koh Kong and Siem Reap.​ The National Television of Cambodia broadcasts for full week from 11 hours to 17 hours a day, with a coverage rate of information 45%, education 35%, entertainment 12% and other 8%, co-produced with NHK, CCTV, purchase international news from APTN and lease international broadcasts via Thaicom5 and CTN (Global Cast Satellite).

Nowaday, The National Television of Cambodia has four departments​ and one administration office with total of 275 staffs include 102 female staff. TVK has extend broadcasting period to 24 hours per days and established another broadcasting channel in TVK facebook page call “TVK2”.

TVK broadcasts a variety of programmes that covers the whole country and reaches overseas viewers in Asia, Oceania, Europe and the USA through satellite. The signal of TVK is received by 90 percent of Cambodia’s population.

TVK is a member of the ABU, the AIBD and Television Broadcast Network, as well as 10 other associations in Southeast Asia. It is also a bilateral cooperation partner with many television stations in the region and throughout the world.

TVK, via its programmes, educates and disseminates information on climate change and raises awareness on natural disasters and prevention. TVK also takes part in the exchange of programmes, co-productions that focus on human value promotion, protection and maintaining peace, etc. TVK continues to participate in the activities organised by the ABU and its members, towards improving the quality of programmes and broadcast technology.

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